ChromeBook Information for TK - 8th Grade

  • Welcome Back!  ChromeBook Information for 2023-2024  

    6th-8th grade students will be assigned a ChromeBook and charger and will carry it back and forth to school every day.  Chromebook distribution will take place during the first week of school.
    Elementary students will be assigned a ChromeBook and it will be kept in the classroom.

    Student logins and passwords are the same as last year except for 6th grade students who will not use a Clever Badge (QR code) in 6th grade.  6th grade teachers will teach students how to log in the first day of school.

ChromeBook Technology RUPs

  • All students must have a signed Responsible Use Policy on file each year before using a Chromebook, iPad, District network, etc.  
    Parents and students will sign the RUP online in Aeries via the parent portal.  Log in to the Aeries Parent Portal to complete all beginning of the school year forms.

    Aeries Parent Portal logo

TK-5th Grade Login

SMS Login (or how to login without a Clever Badge/QR Code)

Optional Chromebook Insurance

  • Optional Chromebook Insurance is available for SMS students and Independent Study students for the 2023-24 School Year
    Purchase by September 1st
    Pay with cash or credit/debit card at the SMS Student Store or online at 
    Cost $30

    Insurance covers
    • Accidental damage, dropped Chromebook, liquid spills
    • Theft (with police report)
    • Fire, flood, natural disaster
    • Power surge
    • Mechanical failure
    • Lost or damaged charger/power supply

    Families with NO insurance (examples of possible costs):

    • Broken screen $250
    • Lost or damaged charger $35
    • Broken keyboard $75 plus $5 for each key
    • Lost Chromebook $300
    • Water or other damage $75 - $300

    *Chromebooks will be distributed during school hours the first week of school.

Chromebook Errors and Solutions