Good Afternoon Wildcats!!! Today is February 4, 2019

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    • Would you like to win a free yearbook worth $50? Your dance ticket may be drawn at the Valentine's Dance this Friday. Tickets are $4 today only. Tomorrow through Thursday, tickets will be $5, and on the day of the dance, Friday, they will be $10. Other prizes will be given away. Snacks and photos will be sold at the dance.


    • 8th grade students—You should be taking your ballot around to your teachers.  Your COMPLETED ballot will be due to your SOCIAL STUDIES teacher by February 6.  Remember, you must have a copy of your birth certificate with your ballot and registration papers.  If you do not have a completed ballot, it will be returned to you!  Please look it over carefully.  If you have questions, see Cary in the attendance office. 


    • Cafeteria News- The Cafeteria is starting some NEW Menu Items
      • Monday’s – A Crispy Chicken Salad
      • Wednesday’s – A Meatball Sandwich
      • Friday’s – Fish Sticks with French Fries









    This is _________, make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.