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New Assistant Superintendent

Shawn Posey has joined the Salida Union School District as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services.  Shawn began his career in education as a high school history teacher. He has served as a Middle School Principal and an Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Child Welfare and Attendance.  Shawn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from California State University, Stanislaus. Shawn’s hobbies include spending time with his family at baseball games, water polo matches, theater productions, or watching movies.  He enjoys spending weekend afternoons in his garage-turned-woodshop creating whatever gadget enters into his imagination. He also likes to paint with acrylics and works a bit with pastels. He has been known, from time to time, to pick up a guitar and jam with his oldest son.  Welcome, Shawn!