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SMS 1:1


Salida Middle School is launching a 1:1 ChromeBook Initiative (one ChromeBook for every student) to help our students become college and career ready.

Beginning in August 2018, Salida Middle School students will be assigned a ChromeBook to use at school and at home.  Students will carry the ChromeBook with them in their backpack throughout the day and bring it home to use at home and charge overnight.

Technology plays a large part in student learning and access to devices such as ChromeBooks will enable students to conduct research, access online resources, collaborate, communicate, be creative, and think critically.

We know you will have questions about the 1:1 ChromeBook Initiative!  Please join us at LEAP on August 1st and 2nd!  We'll answer questions about insurance, wifi at home, filtering, costs, and more!  Please note:  Students will not be able to receive their ChromeBook without a parent/guardian.  


Click on Our School and scroll down to SMS 1:1 ChromeBooks for the latest information.

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