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Students Honored for Physical Fitness Awards

Salida School District Elementary PE Department honored several students during the May Board Meeting.  Students were recognized for highest scores in Abdominal Strength, Upper Body Strength, and Aerobic Capacity.

StrideTrack Award winners were also recognized for miles run this year.  Nicolas at Sisk ran 104.25 miles!  Jesus at SES ran 133.25 miles!  Jacob at Perkins ran 88 miles!  Selena at Dena Boer ran 64.75 miles!

By school:

Students at Dena Boer ran 13,676 miles!
Sisk students ran 9,699 miles!
SES students ran 8,506 miles!
Perkins/ICS ran 12,926 miles!

That's 34,808 miles for the year for Salida students!  More than the circumference of the earth.

PE award winners


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