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Students earn perfect scores and top scores on SBAC!

Congratulations to these students for all of their hard work!

English Language Arts SBAC Test Spring 2019:

Johan 3rd Grade Dena Boer 2600 out of 2623
Elijah 4th Grade Dena Boer 2652 out of 2663
Kaylee 5th Grade Independence Charter Perfect Score!  2701
Emily 6th Grade SMS 2721 out of 2724
Paris 7th Grade SMS Perfect Score!  2745
(Paris also received Perfect Scores in ELA in 2017 and 2018!)

Mathematics SBAC Test Spring 2019:

Aliya 3rd Grade Dena Boer Perfect Score!  2621
Riley 4th Grade Dena Boer 2643 out of 2659
Kaylee 5th Grade Independence Charter Perfect Score! 2700
Sergio 6th Grade SMS 2683 out of 2748
Sabrina 7th Grade SMS Perfect Score! 2778