• Jerri Pasalaqua

    Welcome to Sisk Elementary School! 

    Thank you for choosing the Sisk Elementary Learning Community!  Sisk Knights have high expectations for learning and are good problem solvers.  We want each Sisk Knight to be successful, ready to learn each day and do their best.  The partnership between home and school is essential; we need your help!   


    We have many opportunities for parents to get involved with our school. The two most important ways you can be involved are being an active participant in your child’s classroom and getting involved with our school Parent/Teacher Group (PTG). Regular communication with your child’s teacher and daily support for their learning are critically important to a successful learning experience. The Sisk PTG is a supportive group of individuals who are dedicated to our school and your children. Get involved!

    Getting to school on time, each day, ready to learn, is very important for a successful year of learning. Sometimes, that can be a challenge, but children can share in the responsibility.  You can establish some routines in your home that will help your child have a great day.

    • Set an alarm clock that’s just for your child to use.
    • Lay clothes and shoes out the night before to avoid those last minute decisions.
    • Pack your homework, notes, red communication folders, and library books in your backpack in the evening. This tip is essential!
    • Make your cold lunch the night before.

    There still may be the occasional crazy morning, but following these tips will certainly make for a smoother start to your day!


    We want Sisk Knights to be safe at dismissal times!  We encourage you to walk to and from school to reduce the number of cars at dismissal times.  Please let your child’s teacher know your child’s plan to go home each day.  Teachers will escort students to the All Stars After School Program, bus zone, and the parking lot.  Sugar Creek Lane is a very busy street and there is no stopping in the bus zone parking lot.   The safest place to pick up your child is in the parking lot. If we all work together, our children will be safe during dismissal times.


    We are welcoming many new families to our learning community this year!  Please drop by the office if you have questions or ask for help from any member of our school.   Sisk Elementary School is a great place to learn and grow.


    Proud to be a Sisk Knight!

    Jeri Passalaqua, Principal


    “The possibilities in every student inspire us.”

    We are committed to inspiring the children entrusted to us to believe in and develop their potential, so that they become positive contributors to their community and their world.
    Child Knight on a Horse