Elementary PE Program

  • We have an amazing Elementary PE Program led by Mr. Alfaro, Mr. Delaney, and Ms. York!  Students are accepted for who they are, motivated and challenged to set and achieve goals, and encouraged all along the way.  Our dynamic PE program is comprised of fun, challenging, exciting, friendly competition which includes team sports and games, physical fitness activities and dance. 


    • Stridetrack - 1/4 mile track -  Students earn wrist bands for 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, full marathon and 100 mile club.  Students set goals to run distances throughout the year.  There are challenges by students, class, and school to compete to do their best.  
      Year 1 - students ran 24,000 miles (around the world!) 
      Year 2 - students ran 33,000 miles 
      This year our goal is 40,000 miles!
    • Safe Walk to School - We participate in a national program that aims to get kids and their families engaged in physical activities throughout the day.
    • Recess Activities - School personnel are trained to run special activities during recess and lunch which get kids moving and working together.
    • Google Classroom and Google Forms - Students use Google to document and keep track of their physical fitness goals.  
    • Nutrition - We emphasize healthy eating habits and choices.

    Our Goal?  Keep students active every day!