• Salida Union School District
    Board of Trustees

  • Magana Salida Union School District welcomes our newest Board Trustee, Mrs. Maria Elena Magana.  Trustee Magana will serve Area #3 in Salida.  

    A message from Trustee Magana:

    Dear Salida Union School District Family:

    I have lived in Salida as a young child and most of my adult life, I am a product of Salida schools as well as my children and grandchildren. My husband and I have been married for 36 years and have raised 3 children.  We currently have 4 grandchildren. 

    I first started my career working in education at 18 in a program that provided in-school support to migrant students.  During that time, I developed a call to education.  My experience encompasses over 28 years in education in a variety of positions.  I have had the opportunity to work with students from pre-school age to high school, providing for the educational and social needs of students.

    These experiences have allowed me to develop an understanding and sensitivity for diverse multicultural, multiethnic, and low social-economic students and families. 

    I support quality education for all students by supporting and improving District and State standards and expectations.  I look forward to collaboratively work with parents, teachers, staff, and administrators throughout the district. I am committed to maintaining excellence in education. I will be committed to working hard and contributing productively as a member of the School Board.

    Maria Elena Magana

Ms. Linda Brughelli

  •  Linda Brughelli  President
      Board of Trustees
      Trustee Area #1
      Term Expires 2022
      Email: lbrughelli@salida.k12.ca.us

Ms. Virginia L. Berry

  • Virginia Berry    Trustee
       Board of Trustees
       Trustee Area #2
       Term Expires 2022
       Email: vberry@salida.k12.ca.us



Mrs. Maria Elena Magana

  •  Maria Elena Magana  Trustee
      Board of Trustees
      Trustee Area #3
      Term Expires 2024
      Email: mmagana@salida.k12.ca.us

Mrs. Nanci E. Fox

  • nanci fox Clerk
    Board of Trustees
    Trustee Area #5
    Term Expires 2022
    Email: nfox@salida.k12.ca.us


    Mrs. Fox also serves as the Representative of SUSD to the County Committee on School District Organization.


Dr. Gary Dew

  •  TrusteeGary Dew
    Board of Trustees
       Trustee Area #4
       Term Expires 2024
       Email: gdew@salida.k12.ca.us

    Dr. Dew also serves at the SUSD Representative to the Salida Area Public Facilities Financing   Agency Board of Directors (SAPFFA).

Our Values

  • We speak with kindness to build compassion.
    We listen with respect to build understanding.

    We act with intention to build relationships.
    We think with clarity to build learning.


Contacting the Board:

  • To contact the SUSD Board of Trustees, you may email the Board Trustees individually by using their emails listed.  Letters to the board can be sent to Salida Union School District, 4801 Sisk Road, Salida, CA  95368.

    Members of the public may address the Board on items not on the Agenda.  Speakers will be allowed three (3) minutes, unless the time limit is waived by a majority of the Board.  The Board will allow comments by members of the public on an agenda item during consideration of the item.  Any comments must be submitted on speaker cards that are provided at the meeting.

    Any individual who requires disability-related accommodations or modifications, including auxiliary aids and services, in order to participate in the Board meeting should contact the superintendent or designee in writing.