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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Image

At Salida Union School District, we are concerned about your child's safety on the Internet and their use of digital media at school.  We have filters in place at school to help protect students as they travel on the World Wide Web.  We also have policies and procedures in place to protect student information.

We use Common Sense Media's information and research to teach Digital Citizenship to students in grades K-8 each year.  We also use Netsmartz to teach Digital Citizenship to our younger students.      

Our Basic Rules for student behavior, while they are using computers, iPads, Chromebooks, Kindles, etc., are:

1.  Respect Others - treat others with kindness, no cyberbullying, etc.
2.  Respect Your School - take care of the computer devices at school.
3.  Be Where You Are Supposed to Be - in class and on the device.  (Example:  If your teacher assigns you to be on, you are following directions and not on YouTube.)
There are consequences to breaking these rules.

  • Technology Acceptable Use Policy for Students