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Homeless and Foster Youth

Homeless Youth
School Registration
You can enroll your child in school even if you have:

Students within the boundaries of Salida Union School District who are experiencing homelessness including being doubled up in insufficient or unstable situations due to economic or other necessities, living on the street, or "couch-surfing" have certain rights and are eligible for support through the school district, including free breakfast and lunch, school supplies, and assistance with transportation to school.

Eligible students have the

If your family is experiencing homelessness or you are unsure if this status applies to you, please contact our Homeless Liaison, Agustin Mireles. 209-543-3133

  • Uncertain housing
  • A temporary address
  • No permanent address
  • Right to immediate school enrollment even when records are not present
  • Right to remain in the school of origin, if in the student's best interest
  • Right to receive transportation to and from the school of origin
  • Right to receive support for academic success

Additional Resources and Information

California Youth Crisis Line

             Call or Text: 1-800-843-5200