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Parents who spend just 15 minutes a day using Footsteps2Brilliance® with their children see immediate gains in vocabulary and critical thinking.  Footsteps2Brilliance® curriculum contains over 1,000 interactive books, songs, and games that can be read in either English or Spanish.

Footsteps2Brilliance postcard Read Together Grow Together

Step 1:  Register at Register
Step 2:  After registering, you'll receive an email with your child's Super Secret Code.  Use this to log in to the app.
Step 3:  Go to the app store on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone or tablet to download the app.
(Or on a computer go to FootSteps2Brilliance Website and click login.)
Step 4:  The books in the app will be grey.  While on wifi, download the books.  
*Note:  Once the books are downloaded, you don't need wifi to use the app.

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  • Instructions to download the app - English  
  • Instructions to download the app - Spanish


Have fun reading and playing games with your child!
If you have questions or need technical assistance please call your neighborhood school office: 
Dena Boer   543-8163  ●   Perkins/ICS   545-4415  ●  Salida Elementary   545-9394  ●  Sisk   545-1671