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Dena Boer Elementary - SOAR Program

Dena Boer Elementary - SOAR Program

Program Supervisor
Myrna Ruvalcaba
Cell (209) 652-0250

Hours of Operation:
2:05 pm until 6:00 pm - Daily
1:30 pm until 6:00 pm - Early dismissal days

If you are interested in your student attending the SOAR ASP, please complete the forms below, print and bring them to the school office.  All forms will be stamped with the date and time they were delivered to the school office.  Once received by the school, the ASP Program Supervisor will contact you to complete the registration process. Please keep in mind that enrollment is prioritized pursuant to California Education 8483 (c).

Our Mission
The SOAR After School Program will provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. Our staff is committed to creating positive indoor and outdoor, age appropriate activities. Our program includes a Homework Hour. Our staff can only provide homework support. This is not a one-on-one tutoring program. Students and Parents are responsible for the accuracy and completion of homework.  The activities provided reflect student interests and promote student and teacher collaboration. 

During SOAR, students participate in various activities that are focused on academic, social and physical enrichment. 
Each grade level has one hour of homework time with a qualified staff member should they need assitance. 
Other activities include computer time, art, PE and Science. 
SOAR sudents also participate in extra curricular activies like dance parties on campus and field trips.